Owned and operated by Mike and Kim Franczek, MJF Designs offers simple yet effective web sites for the small to mid sized business as well as personal businesses.

Focusing on smaller companies and personal business, and offering a limited amount of services, we are better able to make our customers experience more pleasant.

Who are we?

Mike Franczek began MJF Designs in late 1998 while living in New England with his beautiful bride Kim. MJF Designs has undergone a few changes over the years, but has always held firm to the desire to offer affordable design and hosting services.

Mike “Joby” Franczek – mjf@mjfdesigns.com
Since the inception of MJF Designs, Mike has obtained his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from University of Phoenix. He currently works in IT Security for a major Steel company. When not working on projects for MJF Designs, you can find him all over Twitter, Facebook, and sometimes even Google+ as well as Instagram and about a zillion other social media outlets. When he is concentrating on MJF Designs’ projects, you can normally find him knee deep in wordpress plugins and other odds-n-ends that make our customer’s sites unique.

Kim Franczek – kdf@mjfdesigns.com
Kim has held many roles with MJF Designs. Most importantly moral support. She has stood beside Mike as he has forged on keeping MJF Designs moving forward. Recently she has stepped into a more active role as Project Manager and Organizational Director (fancy titles for the lady who keeps everything running smoothly!) On any given day, you can find Kim adding content, emailing with clients, taking calls, and even setting up the occasional site install. No matter the task, she has it under control.

What we do.

We design and host websites built on a popular content management system. We also provide assistance with social media. We will never call ourselves Gurus, Ninjas, or any of the other catchy titles being tossed around out there, we just use them enough to know how to show our clients how to get the most out of them. Find out more here.


Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns you may have.